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  • Imperial Petersburg, Felix Lurie

    One of the best editions on the history of the construction of St. Petersburg that contains a story about how Peter the Great built the city. How he dreamed of living in a city surrounded by water, how, during the preparation for the Northern War, he found in old Swedish maps a winding Neva delta, as he was looking for the best architects. The book by Felix Lurie contains reproductions of works by Russian and Western masters of the 18th and 19th centuries, depicting the new capital. The illustrations are given according to the topographical principle and are accompanied by information about the buildings that stood earlier and were planned to be buit in future.

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  • Ethnographic description of the peoples of Russia, Gustave Theodor Pauly

    Gustave Theodor Pauly (1817 – 1867), a Russian ethnographer of the 19th century, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, although a German by birth, was known as Fyodor Khristianovich. His work Les peuples de la Russie is a series of ethnographic essays. They describe different aspects of life of various social classes. The people described in the book are representatives of the Indo-European, Caucasian, Ural-Altai peoples, inhabitants of Siberia and Russian America. In cooperation with Pauly, famous scientists and artists worked on the book to furnish it with chromolithographs, many of them being colourful everyday scenes drawn from life.

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  • On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, David Ricardo

    In his work “On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation”, David Ricardo (1772 – 1823), a famous English researcher, economist and classic of political economy provided his point of view on the economic theory. The follower and at the same time the opponent of Adam Smith, he outlined the labor costs theory and defined the rules affecting distribution of rent, wages, and profits among owners, workers, and industrialists. This edition in an elegant gift cover will find its rightful place in the shelf of any person involved in business, finance, and economics.

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  • Trilogy of desire: Three novels (The Financier; The Titan; The Stoic), Theodore Dreiser

    “Life cannot be squeezed into any framework, and people should refuse such attempts once and for all,” – these words from the brilliant, in its historical authenticity, novel “The Financier” is the keynote of the book. A collector’s volume, it will bring pleasure both by its design and content. Theodore Dreiser (1871 – 1945) explores his favourite topic of big business and people in it. The plot revolves around a successful businessman with a huge fortune and supernatural power over people. For him, wealth is not a goal, but a means to live according to the principle “My desires first and foremost.” This is a story about a world where the strongest survive – those who can in spite of everything pursue their ambitions.

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  • The King’s Bride, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann

    The master of a magical and satirical fairy tale of the 18th century, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (1776 – 1822) was the author of many outstanding literary works, and The Royal Bride is one of the most characteristic of them. The mystical plot is ironic and intricate, but behind it lies a meamingful moral: it does not matter which horse the prince mounts. What matters is who rides the horse. It may be that the real prince will appear in the image of a gnome. And therefore one should not strive for easy money: the intricacies of fate are much more complex than we think. A beautiful piece in a beautiful mounting of the gift edition will delight any collector.

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  • The Devil’s Elixirs, Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann

    A mysterious, mystical, written with the author’s distinctive humour, the parody-Gothic novel The Devil’s Elixirs written ca. 1815-1816, is a literary masterpiece of Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann (1776 – 1822). There is a deep insight into the human subconscious hidden in its plot. With this book, Hoffmann introduced the topic of dualism in the world literature and laid the foundation for the Renaissance mythology. The novel had influenced the work of Stendhal, Balzac, Dostoevsky, Merezhkovsky, Freud and many other great writers. The book will give great pleasure to a thoughtful reader who appreciates works in the spirit of romanticism.

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  • Little Zaches, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann

    There are fairy tales for adults, and an immortal classical example of that is Little Zaches, nicknamed Zinnober by the German writer Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann (1776 – 1822). Full of irony, the book tells the story of the author’s epoch, it describes the ugliness of absolutism, loyalty of contemporaries, bare lawlessness. The protagonist is grotesquely ridiculous, ugly and stupid, but the merciful fairy Rosabelverde endowed him with a unique ability. Whatever good happens in the presence of Zaches – it is always attributed to him, and any shameful thing done by him goes to someone else’s account. Everyone bows to Zaches, he rises as high as to become a minister. But the magician Prosper Alpanus turns up to help a young student Balthazar to remove the spell and expose the truth to ordinary people.

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  • About Russia, Ivan Ilyin

    One can say that the famous religious philosopher and national thinker of the 20th century, Ivan Ilyin (1883 – 1954), wrote a textbook of Russian life. And it is the name of the collection of his selected articles “About Russia”, with the feeling of love for the motherland and faith in its great future common to all of them. In the articles, the writer takes a look at the past of the country, discusses the structure of the state, its cultural and spiritual aspects, refers to the history of the revolution of 1917 and seeks its origins. The presented materials help to get a better insight into Russia’s problems and understand its historical paths. In a luxurious leather binding, the book will be a jewel for a well-versed bibliophile’s collection.

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  • The Psychology of Peoples & The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, Gustave Le Bon

    All the major leaders and rulers used to engross themselves in “The Psychology of Peoples” and “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind”: Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. The books comprised one of the first and top rank concepts of the mass society, developed by Gustave Le Bon (1841 – 1931), a French psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, and historian. The author stated his conclusions on the race and crowd psychology, which he made during his journeys, at the same time considering the group psychology as a behavior motivation and reasons behind historic events. In Russia, both works were published together. Now, enclosed in a worthy cover of a collectors’ edition, they can make a perfect gift for a successful politician, an advertisement expert, or a public person.

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  • From the Dossiers of the Secret Office, Alexander Arsenyev

    The compilation work of the 19th century historian Alexander Arsenyev (1818 – 1872) contains stories and essays from the judicial practice of the Preobrazhensky Department and the Secret Office. Everything in it is based on real cases and the judicial practice of secret investigative institutions of the 18 – mid 19th centuries, from Peter the 1st to Paul the 1st. The book even includes stories about women involved in the Pugachev rebellion. At the same time, the book is read easily and with pleasure, with archive documents interspersed with colourful descriptions of the mores of that era and vernacular vocabulary. Irrefutable facts coexist with humor, sarcasm and glimpses of national epic. The reader learns a lot not only in terms of historical facts, but also a great deal about the values of ancestors.

    60 000,00 
  • The World Crisis, Winston Churchill

    A talented person is talented in everything, and the bright example to that is Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965), a sensational politician, one of the most peculiar historic figures, and an outstanding writer. A true legend, an ingenious intellectual, he left many unique books, memoirs, and researches to the future generations, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1953. “The World Crisis” is a rather representative sample of his work. This sharp-witted book covers the Versailles Treaty development, demobilization of the British army, description of the post-water situations in the major empires, along with intervention and support provided to White armies. Graphic and to some extent acrid style as if revives long-gone events and reveals new facts. This book enclosed in a valuable cover will make a perfect gift for a well-educated person.

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  • The Art of Arguments in Court, Pyotr Porokhovshchikov

    First published in the early 20th century, the book retains its uniqueness a century on. Its author, the famous Russian lawyer Pyotr Porokhovshchikov (1867 – 1954), had his works published under the pen-name P. Sergeich. He was the author of a plethora of works on judicial eloquence and criminal defence, it was he who translated Hints on Advocacy  by Richard Harris. But The Art of Arguments in Court is his main work. A barrister, and, incidentally, any lawyer in general, becomes an orator in court. And the book teaches accuracy and simplicity of speech and eloquence, rhetoric expression and the ways to look for truth. Its content is rich in observations and examples, and the design will satisfy any esthete.

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  • A History of the Rod, William M. Cooper

    A true rarity, “A History of the Rod” published in 1870 is an ultimate dream of many bibliophiles published nowadays. This book has only been issued in Russia twice or thrice. And that is hardly surprising, as it is dedicated to flagellation, or scourging, a subject unusual for a modern reader.

    There is little known about the life of its author, a Swedish historian and writer James Glass Bertram (1824 – 1892), who wrote this book under the pseudonym of Doctor Cooper. However, it is hardly disputable that he created one of the most extraordinary works ever. This gift book will make an interesting gift for a doctor, a lawyer, a historian, or a connoisseur of rare editions.

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  • The Hammer of Witches, Jacob Sprenger, Henricus Institor

    The Hammer of Witches (Latin: Mallēus Maleficārum, German: Hexenhammer) is a treatise on demonology and proper methods of prosecution and exposure of witches. The famous medieval treatise was written in Latin in 1486 by the Catholic Prior, Dominican Inquisitor Heinrich Kramer (ca. 1430 – 1505) (Latinized version – Henricus Institor) and first published in 1487 in the free city of Speyer. His co-author is the dean of the University of Cologne, inquisitor Jacob Sprenger (ca. 1436 – 1495). However, the work of Sprenger, apparently, was limited to only the introduction, called “The Author’s Apology”. Bullae Summis desiderantes affectibus by Pope Innocentius the 8th is included as a preface to The Hammer of Witches, giving full approval to the actions of the Inquisition to eradicate witchcraft. For two centuries, the book was considered as a direct guidance for action for inquisitors and was literally their handbook. There is a hard fateful story behind the book that caused thousands of innocent victims – exposed and murdered “sorcerers” and “sorceresses”.

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  • The Spirit of the Laws, Charles-Louis de Montesquieu

    A brilliant connoisseur of history, theory of law and the state, an outstanding founder of the geographical school and sociology, the author of the doctrine on the separation of powers, Charles Louis de Montesquieu (1689 – 1755) influenced the content of the US Constitution and constitutional legislation of the French Revolution of 1804. His book The Spirit of the Laws tells us: a person is governed by natural laws, but as a rational being constantly violates them, and this results in the need for state laws. The tastefully made volume will adorn the bookshelves of a lawyer, a politician, or any bibliophile.

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