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Humdrum by Anton Chekhov

Every meeting with heroes of Anton Chekhov (1860 – 1904) brings peaceful and tranquil pleasure. His characters are ordinary people with their own concerns and reflections, hopes and worries, with their personal present and future. The Russian classic, being a subtle psychologist and a master of implication, ingeniously combines lyrics and drama. All his works are beautiful thanks to their good humor, biting social context, and artistic performance. In the collection edition “Humdrum” you will find some familiar stories and works that have been published in magazines.

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Language: Russian
Number of copies: 100 numbered copies
Format: 155 x 225 mm
Paper: designer paper (Holland, France)
Features: silk ribbon bookmark, manual-weaved tailband, goffering, gilt edge
Binding: genuine leather, handmade using classical old-school technology
Country of production: Russia
Age restrictions: 16+