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The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov

An enigmatic, mystical, ironic, ageless novel – the principal work of Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov (1891 – 1940). The immortal work brings together eras and generations. There are heroes of biblical stories, “dark forces” and Moscow of the 30s of the XX century. The book astonished the Soviet reader of the 60s, as it is admired by the modern youth. It is widely known, and is often quoted. Extraordinary conception, colourful narration, fantastic plot, witty turns of phrase – everything is fused in perfect harmony. “What could I have written after “the Master … ”?” Bulgakov himself reasoned shortly before his death. Genuine leather binding, press gilding, expensive paper – a worthy mounting for an iconic work, a tribute to the genius and talent of the author.

60 000,00 

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Language: Russian
Number of copies: 100 numbered copies
Format: 155 x 225 mm
Paper: designer paper (Holland, France)
Features: silk ribbon bookmark, manual-weaved tailband, goffering, gilt edge
Binding: genuine leather, handmade using classical old-school technology
Country of production: Russia
Age restrictions: 16+