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Riedel Swan Decanter, 1570 ml, art. 2007/02

Article number: 2007/02


The delightful forms of the Riedel Swan decanter, 1570 ml enclose impetus and lightness. It seems that it’s about to fly – no wonder glassblowers were inspired by the beautiful image of a swan. The decanter effectively raises its fine “neck”, making us admire the elegance of its clear-cut contour. There is also a practical side to this beauty – thanks to the precisely calculated proportions, the vessel fills a young wine with oxygen, revealing its composition. Mature wine, once in the vessel, acquires transparency and soft taste.

Delivery only in St. Petersburg.

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Weight: 1,88 kg
Height: 600 mm
Width: 240 mm
Quantity per pack: 1
Country of origin: Austria