Carafe, 250 ml (11911) • KIRA BOUTIQUE •

Carafe, 250 ml, art. 11911

Exquisite table setting, purporting to delight the guests from high society, requires serving drinks in elegant vessels. The best choice for fine white wines, fruit juices and water is the Zalto carafe. It makes the taste and freshness of the wine open up like a flower bud. Tall, stately, outlined by a straight contour and made of absolutely transparent crystal, it adds glamour to the table and gives it a solemn look. After all, a good dinner is not only taste, but also aesthetics.

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3 750,00 

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250 ml
Height: 17.5 cm
Package quantity: 1
Country of origin: Austria

Free of lead oxide additives. Dishwasher-safe.